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AAP’s up and coming political debutant, Raghav Chadha’s journey from a young Delhi lad to a youth icon is an indulgent story of dreams and sacrifices. At 22, Raghav’s life was starting to come together. After successfully clearing the  arduous Chartered Accountancy exams and in fact becoming one of the youngest Indians to do so, he was spoilt for choice when it came to lucrative job offers. Yet shortly after, Chadha played catch with an idea of a totally different life, one dramatically different from the structured corporate life he was about to abandon.

In 2012, as invested Indians followed the India Against Corruption movement and the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party, a sense of responsibility flung Chadha into the belly of the storm. As he successfully delivered on several roles in the movement, he was inducted into the Aam Aadmi Party at the time of it's inception.

His first task was to prepare policy papers for the newly formed party. Building on this experience, he began working on  the 2014 Delhi election manifesto. His attention to detail and fine tuning made him a firebrand volunteer in the party. It was also the start of his public profile as a youth leader.



When he first appeared as a party Spokesperson news channels, he became an instant hit. He established himself as the young face of a young party, battling against much older contemporaries. His civility and carefully crafted arguments in the face of senseless news hour debate noise resonated with the logical news viewers.

To fit party requirements, a perfectionist Chadha became a tireless multi tasker. He simultaneously held the position of the national treasurer. He personally took on the responsibility of overlooking the litigation affairs of the party and senior party leaders, which going by public record might have been more than enough to keep him occupied.

He was also signed on as an advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia to assist him in the preparation for 2016 budget. Incidentally, he was retrospectively sacked in dubious move by Central Minister of Home Affairs. It brought to forefront a fearless and notorious Chadha who candidly issued a cheque to the Home Ministry for a sum of 2.5 rupees as a refund of his honorarium remuneration during the time.

Chadha was unanimously voted into the National Executive Committee as Chadha rose in the party delivering on all fronts. Now the 29 year old public figure is set for his political debut as he steps up to fight the South Delhi constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. What started as his defiance of destiny has shaped up to be a massive gain for the political narrative of a fighter party.  AAP’s revolution comes to life through Raghav’s journey as the well educated boy from a traditional middle class family getting his hands dirty in politics, an opportunity thus far reserved for a very different class of people.

His firm belief in what he calls a ‘beautifully crafted democracy’ and his resolve to ensure ‘bad people are not voted to power’ drive him in his wholesome contribution to the cause of nation building. His dedication coupled with his impeccable administrative prudence make him the ideal candidate.


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